questions about l:vars for unique ad-on

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Re: questions about l:vars for unique ad-on

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Thanks Rob!
I have many questions! lol!
I've already started digging into both the P3D documentation as well as the various xml files. The Ace editor you mentioned certainly isn't perfect for accessibility, but I can make it work for what I need.
Last night, I added a dialog to my software that allows you to type in fuel quantities for the fuel tanks on the Bonanza and it does work. I'll be adding oil quantity to that dialog today.
Additionally, I just purchased the Cherokee, since that's what a few of my users are asking for. I'll be working on that soon. It looks like it isn't all that different from the Bonanza for things like Fuel. From looking at the Linda module for it, it looks like I'll need to add keys for things like the primer. That shouldn't be hard though.
The next big task is going to be the payload and the hanger.
Any help you could provide around both of these would be awesome!
I'm thinking we don't need everything in the hanger. Maybe just the major repair buttons and possibly the compression test for interest sake.
For payload, adding and removing passengers/baggage, as well as reading back any weight/balance issues if that's possible.
One more thing. Can you think of any way of grabbing the text off gauges through some external means? I'm thinking of things like the Notes panel. My software already intercepts Simconnect message windows, so it can read things like ActiveSky and GSX menus.
I was just reading about how the PMDG aircraft interface with FSUIPC. That interface allows you to grab the entire contents of the CDU screens.
Could it be possible for the A2A aircraft to output text such as the notes page into an FSUIPC offset? This would need to be coordinated with Pete Dowson of course.
I do like challenges, that's one of the major reasons this project came about. I wanted to see how far I could get. As it turns out, pretty far!
People know I'm working on this and it's free, so it takes as long as it takes.

WE have a BVI (blind/visually impaired) Pilots discord server that a lot of us hang out on. I'll ask folks and see if there is anything else they're looking for.

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