Problem with A2A aircraft

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Problem with A2A aircraft

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I'm sorry about the lengthy nature of this post. Encountered kind of an odd problem with these A2A aircraft I hope someone can help with. I have FSX & "Acceleration" installed and nothing else terribly exotic. Bought these A2A aircraft quite awhile back. Purchased the Cessna 172 on 06/18/17, Cessna 182 on 05/26/17 and Cherokee 180 on 04/15/18. When these aircraft were selected (Cessna 172, Cessna 182 and Piper 180) during flight planning they would appear on the runway and function normally in flight. No error messages were seen. After exiting the flight. the main screen would reappear, "hang", become non responsive, then close FSX and return to desktop. Posted messages about the issue on the A2A forums, received great advice and several suggestions. Tested FSX with different aircraft and only encountered issues when attempting to load any of the A2A aircraft. I have a bunch of hours going back to FS2002, considered myself reasonably knowledgeable with troubleshooting minor issues but never did figure out what was going on. Put FSX aside after that and never did anything else about solving issue.

Haven't been on FSX for awhile, decided this weekend to go on FSX and get some time in. Installed the current update for these aircraft but the original issue I described still exists. Thought that I would call it quits and just uninstall these a/c altogether but a message saying "could not open install.log file" appeared. Hope one of you are able to help me figure this out.

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Re: Problem with A2A aircraft

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Hello Joe,

Sorry to hear about your problems with your A2A fleet in FSX. Generally I'd advise to make sure that you start the sim with one of the default aircraft and then load an A2A add-on if you're seeing problems. Manually deleting the "Documents\A2A" folder will also remove any corrupted *log.dat files which may be preventing proper saving of data. Since these products were developed, we've also found several instances of Microsoft OneDrive preventing writing of information to this directory, so that's another thing to consider in the current Windows environment.

Anyway, for the problem with uninstalling with the old legacy installers, please check out the information in this post.

Best regards,
A2A Simulations Inc.

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