Out of the blue odd behavior

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Out of the blue odd behavior

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I fired up the trusty 182 in P3Dv4.5 for a flight and experienced some very odd behavior. I have not made any changes to the sim or settings. When I load up the 182 (cold and dark), suddenly and without input from me, either the tail or a wing starts to dip on it's own into the tarmac, and then the plane gets shot up into the air and slammed repeatedly into the ground as if under control by some invisible giant. I have absolutely zero explanation for this. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, although I don't believe the uninstall was clean because all of my old liveries were back when I reinstalled. I am also not having this issue with any other A2A aircraft. Any thoughts would be appreciated as it is one of my favorite A2A planes.


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Re: Out of the blue odd behavior

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Hello Nick,

is this a new flight or a saved flight. Pease make sure your default flight isn't set to an Accusim aircraft or another third party complex simulation as that can cause load corruption on loading into the flight.

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