C182 GTN 750 or GTN 650

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C182 GTN 750 or GTN 650

Post Medrol »

The GTN 750 from RXP is installed on the C182 and it works correctly.
When I detach the view, on the upper part of the window it says GTN 650.
Is it normal or not?
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Re: C182 GTN 750 or GTN 650

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Hi Medrol,

I assume you used the RXP Configuration Tool to get the GTN 750 working in the Skylane (it's not included as an option in our aircraft configurator because the aircraft predates this GPS add-on). In any case, it sounds like the Window title just hasn't been correctly updated to reflect the gauge name. This won't cause any issues, though you can manually correct it in the panel.cfg if you want to. It'll be an entry in the "[Window Titles]" section at the top of this file.

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