Service record hours C182 FSX/ P3D

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Service record hours C182 FSX/ P3D

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Hope someone can help me with a query. I have the excellent C182 installed into FSX Steam Edition and also the recently installed the P3D v4 version into V4.5. Can anyone tell me if they will interfere with each other in any way. I hope to do a lot of flying in this aircraft and wouldn't want my flying record hours to be reset by the different versions interfering with each other

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Re: Service record hours C182 FSX/ P3D

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Hi Dazkent,

If you have the 182 installed in FSX and P3D concurrently, the two version of the aircraft won't interfere with each other, but rather the persistent status of the plane will be shared across both platforms. In other swords, you can continue to operate the 'same' aircraft that you flew in FSX in P3D v4.

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