P3D V5.3 A2A rain feature and DXGI error

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P3D V5.3 A2A rain feature and DXGI error

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Hi all
For what it is worth and as it may help someone in the future I have found a potential problem with the A2A aircraft rain feature in P3D V5.3
A few weeks ago I upgraded my flight sim PC. The upgrade including a NVIDIA 4090 card.
After installing P3D V5.3, I was getting the DXGI NVIDIA error.
I isolated the error to A2A aircraft and only when it was raining.
Google found a thread on this site with instructions as to how to turn the rain feature off.
I followed the instructions to disable the rain feature and so far no more DXGI errors with a few flights in the A2A aircraft and in the rain.

I hope this may help someone in the future.
Best wishes

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