Initial VC Zoom/FOV | radio stack lightning

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Initial VC Zoom/FOV | radio stack lightning

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When I load the Cherokee the initial zoom is at 0.3. I have to adjust it every time to something between 0.7 - 0.8., which works perfectly for me.

Second when I've adjusted the zoom I can "only" see the three upper round instruments. But I want to see the second row as well.
I use TIR 5, no Ezdok, P3D 3.1

I'm sure that the FOV settings are adjustable by editing a file, but which one? (for the initial zoom ans FOV).

Well, ok... another specific problem ist that on the first flight the radio stack Lightning worked perfectly, but doesn't work since the second flight.
Didn't had much time, due to work, to search and read topics or manual.
All updates installed.
Any idea?

Thanks for help!.

The cherokee is a masterpiece :-)

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Re: Initial VC Zoom/FOV | radio stack lightning

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I don't have any experience of TrackIR, but the initial zoom and view direction is generally stored within the saved flight you're loading unless another program overrides these settings. The panel.cfg file can also be used to adjust the default view direction. These settings are discussed further in this topic which may be helpful.

The radio stack backlighting is pretty limited in the Cherokee: it's only the audio panel and ADF buttons along with the transponder digits which are illuminated (using the dimmer next to the radio master switch). If you've lost all gauge lighting, the first thing to check is the 'instr lights' fuse. :wink:

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