Chereokee wont trim to hold heading

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Chereokee wont trim to hold heading

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i try to trim the Cherokee using my Honeycomb Alpha yoke and the plane keeps bankin pretty hard right.

I trimmed aileron and rudder 20-30 clicks each wih no effect. Any idea what is up? I have re-istalled the aircraft, recalibrate the yoke 3 times all to no avail.

This is the only aircraft that will not trim.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Chereokee wont trim to hold heading

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If you're experiencing an excessive amount of wing drop in the Cherokee, the first thing to check is that the fuel quantity in the wings tanks is reasonably well balanced. Unlike some other light aircraft, the fuel selector doesn't have a "both" position, so you must manually switch between left and right wing tanks periodically.

Bear in mind that there's no aileron trim control in the cockpit and that even with the aircraft properly trimmed using the elevator and rudder trimmer, some control inputs will still be necessary to maintain straight and level flight. Under cruise power, you shouldn't need to use any significant yoke inputs though, so for starters, definitely check those fuel quantity gauges.

If that doesn't help, it may be worth a look in the maintenance hangar to check for defects to the ailerons or even the flaps.

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