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Contacted previously. Made a post and it got deleted from what I can see. Sent an email months ago with no response. Sent an email today with no response so far. Purchased on FSpilotshop and no longer have access to it. I have order number and contact information.

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Re: FSPilotshop

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Hello and welcome to the A2A forums.

Now that you've had your first forum post approved, you'll be able to send private messages, so please can you PM "Lewis - A2A" and he'll be able to send you more info.

Not sure about the deleted post, but we did move web hosts a couple of weeks ago, so if you happened to post at this time there's a chance it was lost in the database transfer.

Incidentally, where did you find a tech support email address? All our tech support for consumer products is via the forums.

A2A Simulations Inc.

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Re: FSPilotshop

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ill fire you a PM. As Nick states we don't have any email support, the email address on the website is noted to not be for any consumer support with links to these forums. 8)

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