Hardware toe brakes and the importance of proper calibration

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Re: Hardware toe brakes and the importance of proper calibra

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yair1956 wrote:C172 is locked , I applied full throttle and this thing doesn't move, it is happening only with his AC no other AC that I'm using have this issue, I checked the setup and calibration of the Rudder Pedals and all looks good accu-sims is up to date ..on top of this can't switch between speakers and headset, no matter what I do the Engine sound always stay on external speakers it always stay

Any thoughts

Thank in advance


if you can start a new thread with your exact issue we can better help you troubleshoot

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Re: Hardware toe brakes and the importance of proper calibra

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Re: Hardware toe brakes and the importance of proper calibra

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some1 - A2A wrote:NOTE: this is an issue only if you have hardware rudder pedals with toe brakes and calibrate them using FSX.

When testing the brakes/ground friction problems, we've realized that there is a serious issue in FSX in how the Sensitivity and Deadzone settings work on toe brakes. These settings can be reached in FSX through Options->Settings->Controls, on the Calibration Tab.

Basically every setting other than:
- Sensitivity: Full
- Deadzone: None (or very close to none)
will cause the brakes to not return to zero when released. They will remain on at about 1-15%,depending on the setting. For example with default setting of Sensitivity 75% and Deadzone 25%, your brakes operate in 10%-50% range, meaning that when fully pressed, you get only 50% brake power, and with brakes released you still have 10% brake power applied. But if you toggle the parking brake on&off, the brakes will temporarily return to 0, until you use them again.

This affects all airplanes, including default ones!
It is amplified in our C172, because of the way we preprocess brakes input and because our airplane has been configured with stronger brakes than typical FSX aircraft of its class. If you have been using hardware rudder, better check those calibration settings, it may turn out that you have been flying with brakes engaged all the time ;)

EDIT: Because some people read this post as like we are blaming FSX for some issues with C172. This is NOT the ultimate fix for all the ground friction problems. But it helps for at least some of people who reported the issue, and it's a good thing to check nonetheless, as this setting affects negatively all airplanes.
Is this relevant P3D v4.3 ?

EDIT: well FSUIPC calibrates the toe brakes just fine in P3D, but for the rudders, you gave to Send as Direct FS Axis..... which means no calibration available.
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