Pink Ribbons

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Pink Ribbons

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While waiting to see if permission is forthcoming to finish and release my 'upgrade' of G-JIMH from a F152 to a C172, I thought that it might be nice to paint it a different colour and give it a different registration, seeing as I'd done all the hard work hand-drawing the ribbons and all (then attacking them with a 1-pixel sized eraser tool to make them roughly the right shape... :oops: )

So. Anyway. The ribbons reminded me a lot of the "Pink Ribbon" logos and promotions used a lot by cancer charities around the world and I thought, what better colour to paint it than that? Plus our two year old would be impressed. We've spent almost her entire life avoiding pink everything, so what's her favourite colour? Yeah. You guessed it.

Back on topic, as it says in the readme, if you decide to add this one to your collection, all I'll ask is that you spend a moment when you fly it thinking about everyone whose lives have been affected by the various forms of cancer and, if you can do so, donate a bit to one of your local research or care charities, so hopefully, in the future, others won't have to go through what our family has.

Enjoy... or go 'bleargh', if you prefer. :mrgreen:


Download link: ...
Yes, I will probably upload it to Avsim at some point, once I have made a thumbnail that complies with their policies.

Ian P.

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Re: Pink Ribbons

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well I'm a modern bloke, ill give her a fly :shock:
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