ADF Frequency Changes

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ADF Frequency Changes

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I've created an ADF radio using an Arduino interfacing with Lua to FSUIPC FSX. My references for Offsets are 0x0284 for the Standby and 0x034C for the Active. (For the main frequency components)
I have read that there is a FSX historical problem with 0x0284, as it is read only.

In Normal (Frequency Mode with Active and Standby visible) I seem to have no problems at all. I have implemented the button actions as advised per the Variable Listing.

When I change to FL/ET, I read the Active Offset 0x034C and change it with hardware knobs, but I have to use ipc.control(66741) --Radio Swap -- to make the 0x034C Offset actually change in the Sim, even though its Read/Write.
Using ipc.control(66741) also immediately changes the standby, rather than keeping it static. So when I switch back to Normal Frequency Mode, the Standby is not the same as when I moved to FL/ET. Offset 0x0284 being read only seems to create the complexity.

Is it a game changer? no, but I have tried countless ways to work out how to change the Active only when in FL/ET mode without changing the hidden Standby but none have been successful.
The ADF Sim knobs work their magic perfectly and I'd like try and replicate the outcome. I'm expect there must be some extra L: variables and combinations at work here. eg "L:AdfMode" switches between 0 and 1 , when the Frequency Button is pushed.

I would appreciate it if anyone with more experience could share if they have been able to replicate, with hardware, how the ADF Sim knobs change the frequencies.

thanks and kind regards,

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