Old vs. New BOB

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Old vs. New BOB

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Well it seems to be getting closer to the release date which I'm getting ready for! I've been waiting for this one for a while, and now that some time has passed and the review came out over at simhq it's cleared some of my doubts. The other night I installed the old BOB which I haven't done in a very long time. Even with it being very old it was pretty nice to fly. That was the first time that I've flown it with the new things such as the BDG add-on's. Although I had some issues such as blowing up on the ground or after I say get on the ground or crash it will not get out of the game or do anything else. I have to manually shut down the game so it's like it locks up on me. Anyway, the new graphics look good from what I've seen in BOB2 the only thing that I'm waiting to see is the damage type effects and how your plane looks after you've been shot or vise-versa. I also read and didn't realize that when you buy say this game from EB games or somewhere else that set amount went back to shockwave. Although it is more to buy directly from shockwave I will buy it from them. I would rather more money go to them and support them as to supporting ebgames. I have other things that I would like to say but I think I'll stop there for now...


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Thanks for your support.

When it "hangs" press Alt X ;). One of the two or three main newbie traps ;). In BoB 2 you still have to press Alt X, but a text tells you so ;).

I did write a text about the DM quite some time ago, but don't remember where :oops: . In a small nutshell, some is better than BoB and some is not :?

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