Spit and Sopwith Camel side by side

Battle of Britain "Wings of Victory"
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Spit and Sopwith Camel side by side

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maybe everyone's seen this already but pretty amazing footage

Watching the pilot trying to manage the Sopwith engine brings to mind my 40 year old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower motor....at least I'm just standing in the grass though!

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Yes, really nice. I just love that clip, thanks for posting. I hadn't seen it in a while.

She sheds so much oil! No wonder the pilots came back black.

It's amazing to think that the Spit is far *easier* to land. And they really aren't so simple.

Anyway, really good stuff.
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Loverly images in that vid.
7 pints of castor oil per hour. no wonder the WW1 pilots had the chronic diarrhea :shock:


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