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03 Nov 2004, 18:34
Forum: Heavy Bombers and Jets
Topic: Modern aircraft?
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Well, my vote is for more WWII bomber acft. How about a good SM79? Or a good Halifax? Or a good Stirling?
23 Oct 2004, 15:53
Forum: Heavy Bombers and Jets
Topic: Repaint Suggestion...A fitting tribute?
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Re: Repaint Suggestion...A fitting tribute?

dutch506 wrote:Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone was doing the following repaints:

B-17: Memphis Belle
There is a young man working on that one, and looks to be doing an excellent job! See this thread...
17 Oct 2004, 23:15
Forum: Heavy Bombers and Jets
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Flight Sim is just that.. a flight sim, so no bombs or other positions. And you're right, you need to play combat flight sim to have combat capabilities.
01 Jul 2004, 23:12
Forum: Heavy Bombers and Jets
Topic: Available for sell now??
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How about now? Is it available yet? I mean July 1st is almost August... right? *grin*
30 Jun 2004, 22:00
Forum: Heavy Bombers and Jets
Topic: Will WOP have working weapons ?
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I did a package for the MAAM-Sim B-25J to see if I could do it. (30 lights in a MS induced 19 light limit). You can do guns and bombs and explosions and flak. But, it is as noted above... basically eye candy. (albeit kind of fun in a "take out your aggressions" sort of way. Or in a "something to do ...

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