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02 Jul 2018, 19:08
Forum: Spitfire MkI/II
Topic: P3Dv4 Accu-sim Spitfire MkI-II Screenshots - RELEASE
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Re: P3Dv4 Accu-sim Spitfire MkI-II Screenshots - RELEASE

Beautiful pics there Lewis! I actually have yet to pick up the spitfire... this makes it mighty tempting to do some damage to the wallet soon :mrgreen:
02 Jul 2018, 18:49
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: A2A Development Update 4/8/18
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Re: A2A Development Update 4/8/18


Fantastic video with the progress thus far on the bonanza! Looks like you guys have made great progress thus far! Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

03 Feb 2017, 14:23
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Next A2A Accusim project?
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Re: Next A2A Accusim project?

Please please please make an accu sim quality piston GA twin! The 182 and Comanche are absolutely fabulous. I bought both two weeks ago and literally haven't flown another plane. These planes have so much character and are so fun to fly. Our stream viewers at Three Green Gaming will be tired of seei...

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