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13 Jan 2021, 08:37
Forum: Piper J-3 Cub Tech Support
Topic: Unable to change fuel/payload
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Re: Unable to change fuel/payload

Hi all, Just purchased the J-3. When I bring up the fuel menu, I am unable to change weight of the pilot/passenger. Hitting the + button doesn't do anything and I can't seem to add a passenger either. The oil check on that page works though. I also tried to add pilot weight on the P3D default scree...
12 Jan 2021, 07:51
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: A2A Aerostar flights
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Re: A2A Aerostar flights

Lewis - A2A wrote:
12 Jan 2021, 06:34
Hello Gary,

at this point FSX development is entirely separate to other platforms, so we are looking forward as we can and producing for FS2020.

Lewis - A2A
It means that no occasion to have an FSX model of Aerostar ?
24 Dec 2020, 23:15
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Steam A2A Add-ons
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Re: Steam A2A Add-ons

I was worried about the Steam versions, because I read a lot of reviews about add-ons from other companies, that the steam versions were not the latest and that they wouldn't get updated on steam for some reason. So just to confirm, the A2A products on Steam are either always the latest builds, or ...
09 Nov 2018, 22:17
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Will you ever develop modern-ish twin props ?
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Re: Will you ever develop modern-ish twin props ?

A2A should do a survey by proposing several planes and we will choose
so far Scott has chosen for us but a twin aircraft would be a good change
23 Sep 2018, 05:16
Forum: Bonanza "V-Tail"
Topic: Bonanza Finished Repaints
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Re: Bonanza Finished Repaints

maubrenta wrote:It's not a repaint per se, but it's an interior paint.
I saw many light beige Bo panels out there, so I thought why not...
Here is the result. And the "pearl" yoke as a bonus.
What do you think?
Thanks, I like it, installed already
22 Sep 2018, 09:05
Forum: Bonanza "V-Tail"
Topic: Thank you beta team
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Re: Thank you beta team

Thanks for the A2A team, I like very much A2A products and today I did my first flight with the Bonanza Excellent ! As a FSX user ( and I don't intend to change ) I want to thank A2A team to create the Bonanza for FSX , too ; I was so sure you wouldn't do it that I decided to stop with A2A but if la...

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