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21 Sep 2016, 14:50
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Is Spadjockey still with us?
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Re: Is Spadjockey still with us?

Hi Everyone, this is Spad's son, Brian. Just wanted to let you know Steve passed away a few days ago. His funeral wil be tomorrow, September 22. Here is a link to the obiltuary if anyone would like to see it. Thanks for thinking of him, he really...
22 Jul 2016, 07:59
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Manfred Jahn/Jan Visser C-47 v3 is now out
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Re: Manfred Jahn/Jan Visser C-47 v3 is now out

Ian Warren wrote::D It really is Superb, the effort here is will cull any talk of a A2A DC-3 for a long whiles :)
It's the best i've seen, but still not A2A quality. Although it is still in beta. :P
20 Jul 2016, 06:38
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: GoFlight VantEdge Any One
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Re: GoFlight VantEdge Any One

dvm wrote:Yokes are for truck drivers anyhow ! :D :D :D
It's hard to drive a truck and use a yoke at the same time Vince , my friend. :lol:
07 Jul 2016, 08:04
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: I am having a problem with the sea planes.
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Re: I am having a problem with the sea planes.

You need to delete your effects and replace it with someone else's . save ave the old one first. Here is mine.
03 Jul 2016, 12:27
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: A2A Aerostar Takeoff Performance Video
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Re: A2A Aerostar Takeoff Performance Video

Btw. The "A2A Aerostar 600" in the video makes it seem like your already developing the sim version :wink: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: He's been known to keep things close to the vest *cough* constellation *cough* skylane *cough* comanche *cough*... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: You guys need to give up the weed :ro...
02 Jul 2016, 13:03
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: USN
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27 Jun 2016, 06:22
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Fighter pilots
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Re: Fighter pilots

speedy70 wrote:Strange post Ebo!!!

I do not think fighter pilots are totally introverted as you seem to suggest.

Cheers Chris
Although It's possible in S Africa . :P :lol:
27 Jun 2016, 06:12
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
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IN the late 60's as a followme driver at NAS LEMOORE I was instructed to escort this Connie to the AMD hangar parking.

26 Jun 2016, 12:50
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: safe sex
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Re: safe sex

There's no such thing!
25 Jun 2016, 08:50
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Tips for Chicago...
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Re: Tips for Chicago...

Killratio wrote:Just watch the Waiters, they can be a bit snooty..snotty, whatever....
I live 2 hours south of there and my wife is from the suberbs.
I have never noticed that
25 Jun 2016, 07:09
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: First Video
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Re: First Video

24 Jun 2016, 06:47
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Breitling Super Connie
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Re: Breitling Super Connie

Awesome Cliff

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