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22 Feb 2021, 04:22
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: MSFS 2020 Port Over
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Re: MSFS 2020 Port Over

oh Lewis, you terrible tease...
show us what you've got please
20 Feb 2021, 04:24
Forum: Repainters
Topic: bare metal repaints
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Re: bare metal repaints

I've done a ridiculous amount of repaints for the B-17, including many bare metal ones. But these will always carry markings, I never did a completely bare one. just a random few: jk1089 by JanKees Blom , on Flickr https://live.staticf...
30 Jan 2021, 17:04
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: Australia
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Re: Australia

I stepped on a King Brown once, up in the Pilbara.
Luckily, I stepped on the good part, its head, and this was just a split second before I broke the world record long jumping....unfortunately nobody saw me do it
26 Dec 2020, 10:04
Forum: B-17 Flying Fortress
Topic: Paintings for the new B-17 P3D
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Re: Paintings for the new B-17 P3D

the old textures will work as far as I know
12 Dec 2020, 03:39
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: What is your style of flight simming?
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Re: What is your style of flight simming?

For me the fun is in painting aircraft. Doing the research, figuring how I'm going to do it and then doing it. Flying is mainly done to watch the paint dry as it were. My main interest is in WW2 aircraft, not sure why, but that's what I loved about A2A, they made the finest WW2 birds. I am not that ...
14 Nov 2020, 15:02
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: The passing of Tom Weiss
Replies: 15
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Re: The passing of Tom Weiss

Very sad news.
He made some outstanding paints!
14 Nov 2020, 14:56
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: A Great Canadian Joke
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Re: A Great Canadian Joke

:D :D
07 Oct 2020, 03:41
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: FS2020
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Re: FS2020

I had the same problem with installing, turns out it needed some xbox apps to be present on your computer. I had deleted them ages ago, since I was not interested in xbox, installed them again, and MSFS installed as well...
06 Oct 2020, 15:22
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: B-17?
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Re: B-17?

I don't care anymore about P3D, now I want it for MSFS2020...
15 Sep 2020, 11:51
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: B-17?
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Re: B-17?

Hapless2305 wrote:
14 Sep 2020, 18:49

From the VERY imaginary 55th Composite Wing that flew experimental aircraft and covert missions. :roll: 8) :wink:
Very nice!
10 Sep 2020, 23:34
Forum: Repainters
Topic: Ethical Question
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Re: Ethical Question

I would have absolutely no proble,s with that, go for it!

28 Jul 2020, 11:26
Forum: Repainters
Topic: Diffused edges with Adobe Illustrator
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Re: Diffused edges with Adobe Illustrator

or better, save without mipmaps
27 Jul 2020, 12:24
Forum: T-6 "Texan"
Topic: forgot to upload
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forgot to upload

don't know why, but I still had a few Harvards in my hangar that I never uploaded, but that's been remedied now. Let me know what you think?
23 Jul 2020, 14:59
Forum: Pilot's Lounge
Topic: B-17?
Replies: 152
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Re: B-17?

12 Jul 2020, 15:59
Forum: F4U Corsair
Topic: P3dv5
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It works fine in p3dv5!


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