v1.1 Update for Accu-Sim Comanche 250 MSFS

Just over a week ago we released the Accu-Sim Comanche 250 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and in the days since, the team here at A2A have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers. We always thought we had something pretty special on our hands with Accu-Sim 2.0, and it’s been hugely rewarding to finally share this new technology with the community.

However, we haven’t been resting, and today we’re happy to release version 1.1 of the Comanche with the following list of improvements and fixes.

For this initial update, you will need to redownload the installer from your account on the A2A Simulations website. No need to uninstall the previous version as the installer will take care of this. And don’t worry, any accumulated airframe or engine hours won’t be lost.

  1. Added fix for torque spike that was causing very occasional aircraft ‘flips’
  2. Improved compatibility with third-party utilities including FSEconomy and OnAir
  3. Added message on installation to warn user if their EXE.xml file is corrupted
  4. Improved handling of unwanted trim inputs sent by default MSFS autopilot
  5. Improved telemetry support for force-feedback devices
  6. Added barometric pressure to altimeter tooltip in legacy mode
  7. Improved hardware switch compatibility for autopilot
  8. Improved hardware switch compatibility for battery switch and starter button
  9. Improved animation smoothness of controls surfaces and yoke
  10. Added animation lag to main door
  11. Added functional external handles to the cabin door from nearby walkaround positions
  12. Added persistent altimeter pressure adjustment
  13. Fixed reversed propeller pitch LO and HI shortcuts
  14. Revised tablet controls to indicate if at least one chock or tie down is placed
  15. Fixed XML conflict with aircraft registration fonts
  16. Fixed tablet not being clickable if B78XH (B787-10 Heavy) add-on is installed
  17. Fixed reversed yoke animation when moving ailerons during walkaround
  18. Disabled walkaround once aircraft is in motion
  19. Added “PilotVR” entry to cameras.cfg
  20. Improved support for MSFS ATC calls
  21. Fixed animation of pitot cover ‘remove before flight’ tag if left on during flight
  22. Added clickspot to restore tablet to wall pocket if tablet left outside during walkaround
  23. Fixed emergency landing gear handle
  24. Limited throttle input to positive values if hardware reverser axis is used
  25. Improved handling of wing flex animation at low fps
  26. Slightly increased P-factor
  27. Slightly reduced effect of prop wash over stabilator
  28. Improved turn coordinator inclinometer ball physics
  29. Fixed bug in mixture lever calculations
  30. Slightly reduced rate at which fuel dissipates from engine cylinders
  31. Tuned EGT and CHT cooling rates
  32. Tuned engine heater effectiveness
  33. Removed EDM 830 fuel totalizer count with simulator paused
  34. Improved MSFS parking brake support for third-party utilities
  35. Restored missing engine cooldown sounds
  36. Restored some engine pulses at very low RPM
  37. Fixed any accumulated carburetor ice not being removed when replacing the carburetor
  38. Reduced possibility of a mid-air prop strike due to terrain errors
  39. Fixed beacon illumination when battery is off
  40. Reduced speed of brake pedal activation when using button/key input
  41. Fixed some small gaps in cockpit model
  42. Fixed bug with 5x failure rate (5x failure rate was producing failures at 1000x rate!)
  43. Fixed logic for maneuvering speed placard below airspeed indicator with tip tanks installed
  44. Prevented instrument views from automatically unstowing tablet from side pocket
  45. Revised Vy on tablet and in pilot’s manual to use more recent numbers
  46. Revised alternator failure emergency checklist on tablet and in pilot’s manual
  47. Added links to original Narco Avionics manuals in pilot’s manual
  48. Added links to pilot’s manual and input configurator in community folder
  49. Fixed noise cancelling switch on headphones not being stored when headphones unplugged
  50. Improved support for propeller rotation states in multiplayer
  51. Added functions for rotating autopilot roll knob via key/button to input configurator
  52. Fixed slightly misaligned text on manufacturer’s data plate
  53. Fixed typo on turn coordinator tooltip
  54. Fixed nosewheel steering being affected by a broken rudder
  55. Updated input configurator (no longer requires legacy DirectX library)

To everyone who has purchased the Comanche, we’d just like to finish by saying ‘thank you’.

– A2A Simulations