MSFS Accu-Sim Comanche 250 in Beta Testing

The Comanche 250 with our new Accu-Sim technology is finally the hands of our beta testers. Though beta testing has been underway for a bit, we’re still busy working around the clock adding some exciting new features, so the beta process will still take some time to complete.

I’ve been trying to think about what to say but the first post from one of our lead beta testers summed it up perfectly:

guenseli wrote:

Seriously guys, you teleported me into virtual reality directly into that Comanche!

The textures, the vibrations, the sound, this thing is alive!
The tablet is outstanding! These animations are incredible. It’s like having a virtual virtual engine in a virtual tablet. Crazy.

I’m really glad to have another A2A beta after these many … decades? (feels so!) Thank you!

However, I have to start from scratch to learn this engine.

We’re really looking forward to sharing more complete information on this new Accu-Sim functionality shortly before release.

If you have any questions you can ask and/or chat with us and the A2A Community here on the forums