Accu-sim Update – B-17, Spitfire, T-6 Texan

Its update time again folks. This time the P3D Accu-sim B-17, Spitfire and T-6 Texan simulations that are all in the shop for a few minor updates and fixes;

Accu-Sim T-6 Texan

Version Changes

  • Fixed bug with elevator trim introduced in version
  • Restored oil clean kit functionality.

Version Changes

  • Restored oil clean kit functionality. (Note: 31/01/2021 0915z update temporarily withdrawn.)

Accu-Sim B-17G Flying Fortress

Version Changes

  • Reduced reflectivity of cockpit glass.
  • Throttle lock now disables mouse dragging of throttle levers.
  • Fixed auto-start not working properly when used after setting aircraft to cold and dark.
  • Fixed exterior lights being available without electrical power.
  • Fixed toe brakes not depressing fully if FSUIPC is installed.

Accu-Sim Spitfire I & II

Version Changes

  • Fixed Mk. I top fuel tank button sound being triggerable via hardware shortcut in Mk. II.
  • Fixed Mk. I manual gear pump sound being triggerable via hardware shortcut in Mk. II.

The full change logs as always can be found on the A2A Community and Support forums here and if you encounter any issues or would like an help or advice please do just ask us on the forums, we are always here to help you enjoy your and our great hobby!

Run your A2A Updater to download and auto install the latest updates, Happy Flying!