Accu-sim Bonanza for FSX and P3Dv4 is RELEASED!

We are happy to add to the critically acclaimed award winning Accu-sim simulation fleet today as we release the Accu-sim Bonanza simulation to the world on the Professional Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X platforms. Packed with brand new never seen before features we hope you enjoy this new addition to the fleet as much as we have enjoyed getting to know the classic V-Tail and create this simulation for you.


To purchase and for further details, to read the manual before purchase you can visit the store pages here,

P3Dv4 Store page

FSX Store page

10 thoughts on “Accu-sim Bonanza for FSX and P3Dv4 is RELEASED!

  1. matelot says:

    You have once again surpassed yourselves.

    Owning A2A products is owning something of quality, which is tangible right throughout the experience. Just pure magic and something that brings a smile to your face every single time you sit in the cockpit of an A2A aircraft. Congratulations and Thanks!

  2. rodborza says:

    I quit buying other developers products and now only buy A2A’s for general aviation aircraft. They are getting better and better with each product released, and their attention to detail changes your mindset, because now one has to behaves as an owner of that particular aicraft. That, to me, takes simulatyion to whole new level. Also, the stunning graphics and of course, the sounds…the sound are amazing.

  3. maubrentano says:

    Another masterpice from A2A! Pure quality! Looks great, sounds great and flies great! With tons of features and accuracy to the highest. If you want to know how is to own and fly a Bonanza V35B, go to the A2A store and grab your copy right now!

  4. av8orfliboy says:

    Amazing aircraft and a great choice for the next addition to the fleet! Thanks for keeping GA alive in flightsim and thanks for producing the highest quality aircraft!

  5. Stephen Davis says:

    Question – will there be a V3 release? I have several A2A aircraft & love them, can’t imagine an FSX version but not V3?

  6. belderjr says:

    Awesome aircraft. Well done. Having trouble logging into forum and can’t find own to add F1 GTN750 to panel?? I know this isn’t where to ask but thought I would give it a try!

    • Markus A Karpe says:

      There is an icon on the A2A folder called . In this configurator you can choose wich GPS you will use in Airplane. Probably you will see the GNT750 as an option.


      • belderjr says:

        Hey Marcus – found that right after I posted this. Forgot you guys have this feature. Also, just wanted to tell you guys this plane is phenomenal In VR. This is my third plane from A2A and it just keeps getting better.

  7. Markus A Karpe says:

    there is an icon in A2a folder, called Aircraft Configurator. In your case must be Bonanza Aircraft Configurator. Click it and then in the yeloww GPS image.
    All GPS options will be displayed and you can choose the GTN 750.
    The same process to any A2A Aircraft.


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