A2A Product Guide

A2A Simulations is currently creating addons for Microsofts Flight Simulator X (we have also in the past produced products for Microsofts Flight Simulators). We have also produced Battle of Britain II (stand alone air combat simulator) back in 2005, which still has a strong following due to it’s inherent dedication to creating an authentic air combat experience. In recent years we have been developing our very own flight simulation engine, Accu-Sim, which is currently enhancing our latest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.


Wings of Power Wings Series aircraft are created to deliver the very finest flying, sounding, and looking aircraft possible in a flight simulator.

Wings of POWER = Military

Wings of SILVER = Civilian

A Wings of Power series of aircraft means it has to look, sound, and fly as beautifully as possible using the built-in Microsoft Flight Simulator X systems. This means you have an aircraft with fluid handling qualities while maintaining strong in-game performance. If beauty, sound, and feel is what you want, then Wings of POWER is for you. This is why we say that nothing else feels quite like a Wings Series aircraft. If you wish to take a step deeper into meticulously modeled aircraft systems, then check out our Accu-Sim expansion packs.




accusim Accu-sim is our own growing flight simulation engine, which allows us to push the boundaries of realism beyond what is possible in Microsoft’s latest flight simulator.

The philosophy behind Accu-Sim was born many years ago. This has all been a dream to us, until now. After many years, we are proud to present our dream to you, our customer.

Accu-Sim is about believing you are there. It knows that, in the real world, certain truths exist. However, we also expect the unexpected, because in life, things do not always fall right into place. When you hit the starter for a great big radial engine, it doesn't always just say, "Yes, sir," and start right up. Sometimes it does, and when that happens you may think, “That was a nice startup.” Other times, the engine does something else – it turns over, it sputters, it coughs, and when just enough things happen to line up, brrrrroooom, the engine fires up. It is not a whole lot different than starting your cold lawn mower engine, but a large aircraft engine just has a lot more going on.

Accu-Sim understands that while one aircraft may be the same model as the next, each aircraft is unique. It also understands that if we do things exactly the same way as we did before, things will not always respond in kind. Most of the time, yes, things will go as we expect. But there is a tolerance we watch for in all things. For example, if your engine tends to run at a specific temperature, say 220 degrees, and that engine is running at 225 degrees, you may consider that normal, or acceptable. Maybe 230 degrees is the point when you think, “That is a little too high,” or maybe 230 degrees is again considered OK by someone else. This is because you, the pilot, are considering not just the temperature of that engine, but all the other factors that go into what makes that engine heat up. Perhaps it's a bit warmer outside the aircraft or you want a little more speed that day so you've closed your cowl flaps an extra inch, trading speed for a little hotter temperature. Maybe the temperature gauge is off a bit, or perhaps you, the pilot, become a bit concerned. Maybe these indicators mean something more is at play. Perhaps you let the engine run a bit too hot on takeoff or maybe something else, completely out of your control, is at work.

No matter what it is, the world is not run by absolute numbers; it's run by real things we can see and touch. It's observing the behavior of such things and making decisions based upon what we know to be true. With Accu-Sim, one thing is for certain – no two flights are the same.

Welcome to the world of Accu-Sim.


aircraft factoryAircraft Factory is our budget line of products. So far only for FSX we created this line with one simple idea. Great simulated aircraft at a great low price.

With realistic modelling they are aimed at the get up and go flyer whilst keeping the basic checklists and systems in place to keep all flyer happy. Ideal for your first payware for the Microsoft flight simulator series, and a great jump of point to the more systems intensive aircraft from the Wings of Silver, Wings of Power and ultimatly Accu-sim aircraft.