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Sim is P3Dv4, installer downloaded from A2A store a couple days ago. I finally got around to actually testing this thing and there's something dreadfully wrong with the engine. My throttle is going absolutely bonkers and something is goofy with the plane physics too I think. I took a short video: (I'm dreadfully sorry about the terrible quality - cropping it in Windows did something insane. You can see the issue though well enough.) This seems to happen whether I use my flight controls or even (as you can sort of see in the video) the built-in throttle in the 3D pit.

As you can see, idle throttle is something like 1600 RPM, and increasing throttle at all makes the engine go to like 4000 boost and infinite RPM (it appears to be +12 or greater to start with, even)

I've not seen this problem before in FSX or even older versions of P3D when using the FSX spit in them (unsupported, of course.)

Any ideas? At this point I'm going to delete my saved aircraft state and maybe try a reinstall, but I wanted to post this to at least make it visible. If I manage to fix this myself I'll post an update.


Edit: Deleting saved aircraft state (My DOcuments\A2A\Spitfire) did not help. Trying an uninstall/reinstall of the spit.
Edit 2: No Joy. Trying disabling FSUIPC entirely. If that doesn't work, will try unplugging all hardware controllers.
Edit 3: Disabling FSUIPC helped. This means one of several things - either its FSUIPC somehow, or its related to some stuff FSUIPC brings with it (WAMA, GoFlight Interface Controls, some other stuff.)
Edit 4: This is something with GoFlight devices. Digging further. (or else just FSUIPC itself - seems unlikely though. I removed this aircraft from its control profile so the only thing its doing is not a heck of a lot, to be honest.)
Edit 5: Unplugged all GoFlight Devices, No Joy. Something with FSUIPC itself, maybe? Gonna try temporarily removing my configs and use a fresh FSUIPC with nothing at all configured. This is very odd.
Edit 6: Fresh FSUIPC with aboslutely nothing else seems to work. Gonna start adding things back 1 by 1 and see where it goes wrong. With the profile disabled and my autostarts disabled, this honestly shouldn't have been that different from what I had going on in Edit 5.

Edit 7: I am at a loss as to what was wrong, but whatever it was, it's fixed. I've put back everything that could be relevant and things seem to be working fine. Maybe it was some calibration setting for a control that wasn't being used, I honestly have no real idea at this point. However, things seem to be good for the moment.

That said, there's still some weird physics behavior if while during testing you have the parking brake on, nobody sitting on the tail, not holding back the stick, and you throttle up. It bounces forward, sort of plants its nose in the ground, and does that boogie-woogie you can see at the end of the video. I have crashes disabled because they're nothing but trouble in ORBX scenery.

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