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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:23 am 
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I am curious to to know what you fellow realworld pilots out there are using for average speeds in relation to your RPM in normal, VFR, conditions. Also, I’d like to know how your flaps are behaving on deployment; does the nose go up or down?
This thread is for SEP aircraft with a fixed prop only. Please no sim data.

What I’d like to have:
1.Type of aircraft
2. Aircraft rated horsepower/MTOW (Lbs)
3.Cruise speed KIAS/RPM
4.Approach (clean) speed/RPM
5.Normal landing speed/RPM
6.Flaps deployment: nose up/down

I will start with the aircraft that I fly myself:

1. Piper cadet/warrior (P28A)
2. 160 hp/2325 Lbs
3. 100K/2200 RPM
4. 80K/2000 RPM
5. 73 (70) K/ 1500 RPM
6. Up

Thank you for your input!



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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:41 am 
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1. Skyhawk 172SP
2. 180 hp
3. 115KTAS/2400-2600 RPM (depends on pressure altitude/temp)
4. 100K/2200 RPM
5. 65KIAS on final/ 1500-IDLE RPM
6. Up

1. Skylane 182Q SMA Diesel
2. 230 hp
3. 127-135KTAS/2200 RPM (depends on pressure altitude/temp) 65-80 in Hg MAP near sea level (yes it requires a lot of boost)
4. 100K/2200 RPM no less than 45 in Hg MAP and maintain above 100C CHT.
5. 65KIAS on final/ 2200-IDLE RPM when runway is made
6. Up

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:39 am 
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For the Warrior II (PA-28-161) Cruise would have been 65% Best Power (whatever the chart said) - in the ballpark of 2400rpm / 110kts. Traffic pattern - 90kts downwind. Point abeam, 1500rpm 80kts / 10° flaps. Base 70kts / 25° flaps. Final (normal) 63kts / 40° flaps.

70kias for Final is fine when turning base to final. Too fast in my opinion when short final / coming over the fence under normal conditions. Especially if you are in the Utility category (W&B). Short field landing I'd use 60kias. With less than gross weight & experience you can get slower over the fence, but you need to be spot on with airspeed control.


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:33 am 
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Cherokee Challenger (longer wing and stabilator)
180 / 2700(?)
110 mph @ 2300-2400
80-90 mph @ around 1800
60-70 mph @ idle, I dunno what the rpm was I don't recall ever looking...
Nose pitched down with flaps on - a lot it was really severe.

I owned that aircraft for a few years and it was a good one. 1973 vintage I think. Had an extended wing and was a real sweet flyer. But it was too slow and had no pants.

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