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 Post subject: Accu-Sim Strikes Again
PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:07 am 
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I've been flying the Bonanza now for about 10 hours in "new" condition, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. So I decided to change it to "used" and got a plane with 2200 hours on the airframe, and 844 hours on the engine. I ran an inspection and found it had yellow warnings on the prop, some gauges, brakes and tail trim. Being yellow, I left it all alone, but noted the oil was filthy and low on the dip stick, so I added a bit more.

Next, I started a flight, and taxied out, but I noticed the engine was loosing power then suddenly stopped dead. So I switched off and went into the maintenance hangar to find a shot crankshaft and some other ancilliaries which I duly fixed. I restarted and continued on to the runway. As I did the power checks, the engine started loosing power again, but I decided to press on to see what happens next. On the take off roll, at full power and 50kn, the engine simply stopped dead again. I let the plane roll off the runway and went back into the maintenance hangar and replaced the prop, crankshaft and a couple of other ancilliaries, but left the compressions and air filter alone, which was still yellow. Most cylinders are down on compression and one is yellow, which I'll fix at 850 hours. I also changed the oil and the trim and she flies well now, but is definitely down on power, even with the bigger engine. Carrying a load has a definite effect on performance, and you need extra power on landing.

So it appears to me that if you get a prop in yellow condition, it appears that it needs changing immediately, or you'll chew up a crank shaft in short order. I still have gauges reading high or low and worn tires and brakes, but I can handle that (I hope :mrgreen: ) I've previously blown out a flap, which was my own fault for diving too fast, but again, I got it back to terra firma OK, even if the landing was not super smooth. :wink: I wonder what's next??

I have to say my appreciation for this plane is increasing by the hour. At first, I thought I preferred the Comanche after my first Bonanza flight, but there's a definite technique to mastering this plane. It needs much less trimming in normal flight, though gear down seems to need a lot of nose up trim to hold level flight in the landing pattern. But it is easier to do gentle aerobatics in this plane than the Comanche, and it's great fun down low following the terrain as well. Level flight is harder, but patience and gentle inputs seem to be the order of the day. The Bonanza is definitely not as stable as the Comanche. I've recently converted to P3DV4 and this is my only A2A plane - in fact the only plane I fly now. I was going to re-purchase all my other planes as money allows, which I will still do, but at present I don't feel the urgency to make those purchases as I did when I first got P3D. Spitfire next, then the 2 Pipers, then we'll see what P3D releases are available as to what I chose, but I love the P-40 and P-47 too so I'm hoping that at least one of those is converted by Christmas.

Once again, A2A has raised the bar with their latest release, and I'm sure that whatever is next will do the same again. I'd like to thank the development and beta team for this beauty, as well as all those who've provided so many wonderful repaints already. I'll have many hours of enjoyment from this plane, I'm sure. :D



PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:09 am 
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I made the same mistake in my used Cherokee the other day. When I started up there was a bit of extra vibration in the cockpit but I just wanted to get going. By the runway the vibration had got worse and then on run up the engine got mashed.....damaged prop caused stuffed crankshaft.


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