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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:18 pm 
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Anyone ever get the error "the procedure entry point I_NetPathType could not be located in the dynamic link library NETAPI32.dll" during installation? Nevermind just realised an command prompt opens and appears to be shutting down services, did not think I got this last time and do not remember whether I opted previously to shut down background services in the BOB configuration. So reckon probrably just problem with that an Win 7?

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Buddye wrote:
Here is an answer I posted for a question but other players may want to review it. Here is the answer concerning installing BOBII 2.11:

Yes, you can run the 2.10 and MultiSkin Self-installers over your old BOBII install (be sure and back-up your 2dGauge file first so you can restore it as it was in your old install).

I usually like to (and I do recommend it) do a very fresh install for a new BOBII version like 2.11 (kinda like spring cleaning your BOBII folder of old unused files).

If you do decide to do a fresh BOBII install then here is the procedure that I recommend and I use myself:

Each Step is Important
1. back up your "Bdg.txt, savegame, 2dGauge, and keyboard" file/folders (these are the files you need to save all your setting and joystick buttons/settings)
2. download the 2.11 self installer
3. Uninstall old version or BoBII
4. Defrag hard drive (if you have time and harddisk performance is important)
5. Delete all files from the BoBII folder (leave none). [IMPORTANT: These old files left by the uninstaller can cause issues with the new EXE.]
6. Run a registry cleaner (like CC cleaner - a free program) as you had an old install of BobII
7. Reinstall BoBII game CD or Download version
8. Run (execute) the 2.10 the Multiskin self- installers (only 2.10 and MultiSkin)
9. Paste the saved "Bdg.txt, savegame, 2dGauge,and keyboard file/folders" into your BOBII folder (this restores all your settings and joystick buttons you had)
10. JUST BEFORE PLAYING GAME, turn OFF Anti-virus, Spyware, and other unnecessary background programs as they can slow the game down and prevent files from loading (CTD), interrupt BoBII with pop-ups (etc,) and cause a CTD.

Since I recommended you to save the "savegame" folder so that your old setting will be restrored, the following should be clearly understood about the old savegame folder:

Campaign SaveGames problems.

When you step up to a new BOBII Update (like 2.09, 2.10,etc.) , the EXE has changed (a code change) and references to the BOBII data in an old savegame (base on the old EXE base code) will have changed.

I "do not" recommend you running an old campaign savegame with a new updated EXE (new code). The new code can be uncompatible with the old savegame.

Running an old savegame with a new update code base is invalid and should not be done. You may/will experience problem (CTD, or other strange and unpredictable as the code trys to execute against an old savegame).

You should delete all your savegames ( named .bSL and .bSR, and Auto_Save.BSL and Auto_Save.BSR), and start a new campaign to prevent having CTD and other significant problems..

I would "always" start a new campaign when changing to a new code base and delete all the old savegames...................

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